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Featured Classes & Programs

Postpartum Initiative

FREE classes for women between 8–24 weeks postpartum. Find the support, love and laughter you need!

Body Smarts

Hot Mama's 12-week fitness & nutrition education program! Lose weight, learn about proper nutrition & find group support like no other!

Mama & Me Fitness

Safe, fun and effective classes that you can bring your entire crew to. Newborns, mobile babes, toddlers and kids ALL welcome!

Toddler Tag-Out

Bring your Minis of all ages (newborn to school-aged) to workout. You sweat. They laugh and have active play.

Back on the Bandwagon

Have you gone off the rails lately when it comes to your workouts and calorie intake?
Hmmmm? Have you?

Bootylicious Run Group

New to running? Want to laugh & learn to run at the same time? Join us and achieve those run goals you've been contemplating.


Join our 28-day at-home fitness and nutrition program! No Hot Mama near you? No problem. You can join us through our online program!

Workout & Wine Nights

What more do we have to say. We workout. Then we drink wine and laugh...a lot! Join us for these crazy night & many other events!

Screw the Scale

Our 8-week Screw the Scale Strength & Empower class will make you sweat and make you stronger. You are more than numbers on a scale.

Screw the Scale — Online

A 6-week online fitness program like you've never seen before. Step off the scale and learn how to use fitness to love your body again!

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Meet Your Main Mama

Shona Fletcher

Hot Mama & Franchise Owner

Also known as...

Shona, Shoe, Muuuuuuummmmmy...... and anything else you may want to call me as I make you work in classes.

I am a Hot Mama because...

Everything I am believes in Hot Mama. I have seen it inspire, comfort, challenge and support others. I have seen the difference Hot Mama makes to the lives of others as well as myself. I want to share this, give this community, support and chance to others.

Joining the Hot Mama team and building my own Hot Mama community is the best decision I have ever made because...

Hot Mama excites me. The community, the support, the classes, the hard work. I wake up every day excited for everything that will happen and I believe in and love everything that I am working for. Everyone in my community inspires me. I am motivated to help you achieve all that you want from Hot Mama and see this community grow. I get to spend more quality time with my family, they all come to class. I get to work with amazing people who push me and inspire me. Hot Mama has just made life fun, exciting and is Me.

Teaching for Hot Mama is...

Inspiring, fulfilling, and extremely humbling. To see the progress everyone makes and the effort that they put into this. The make the community and support each other. Their drive inspires me.… BEST JOB EVER!!

Meet my family...

Known affectionately as the "Fit Family" we are always on the go. My husband Mark is usually out walking the fields of the countryside with one if not two dogs in tow and posting his "office" pictures on Facebook. Kiki has just turned 5 and is proving to be quite the swimmer, gymnast, footballer.... she is a lovely girl full of fun and a mini-me, only with more drive and determination. Aurora (yellow lab) will always be up for joining us on any family fun be it a walk, run or trip to the park. Hamish, (chocolate lab) on the other hand, takes life at a slower pace and is more a spectator of all activity!

My favourite part of my body is...

All of it, regardless of what it looks like, because it allows me to do what I love to do, day in, day out.

I can often be heard saying (or yelling)...

This is going to be fun...... You know you love me really....... Come on now, GO, push push push!!!..... Do you hate me yet? you should....and now it is time for chocolate! ;)

My favourite healthy snack is... But secretly I would rather be having...

Oatcakes and peanut butter..... but of course that would be replaced by hot chocolate and peanut m&ms.

My perfect Sunday morning is...

A lie in (hahaha), coffee, a run in the sunshine and family bootcamp.

My dream vacation is...

Anytime I can spend outdoors with my family- walking in the Lakes (usually in the rain), skiing and trying to stop a 5 year old beating me down the slopes (she will have already beaten her Dad) relaxing in the sun and sea and waterparks in Portugal.....

My favourite way to indulge myself is...

A good shopping trip with my Mum. Or movie night at ours with the fire on, popcorn and chocolate all snuggled on the sofa.... And wine...